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3,576.00 Kn + PDV

Unifi has installed Unifi Video system that provides an easy and quick installation. With this device we can manage Unifi Video Cameras and record the image in accordance with the rules laid down in the program. It is possible to order a network consisting of up to 50 cameras. Unifi-NVR has a Plug and Play instalation system . When you first start the device automatically detects cameras on the network. The Multi-Site Support provides support for cameras in multiple locations. It has an processor Intel D25504GB of RAM and 500GB hard disk. Mobile support web-based interface can be operated from a mobile device with Android and iOS. Unifi NVR has a built-in 500 GB hard drive. This corresponds to approximately 1200 hours in the quality of recorded 480p or 400 hours in quality 720p(time of records may vary depending on the number of frames per second). 

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