Robna marka: ALCATEL
Šifra proizvoda: 0181013
Raspoloživost: NA STANJU

3,960.00 Kn + PDV

Novi model Alcatel konferencijskog IP telefona s 4 kom dodatna bežična DECT mikrofona za srednje velike konferencijske sobe.

Alcatel home & business phones enriches its conference terminal offer by integrating Alcatel Conference IP1850, the SIP version of Alcatel Conference 1800.
This new solution stresses mobility, high performances as well as unequalled features such detachable DECT microphones, allowing mobility, modularity, flexibility to perfectly fit any meeting rooms whatever their size and layout. Needless to say, that this device allows to have clear, productive and efficient conferences without being obliged to raise voice level or move closer to the terminal to be heard.
Detachable microphones are smart and can be muted at any time for the comfort of the conference attendants.
Regular users of Skype or Lync will also appreciate to run their conference via the outstanding audio quality of Alcatel Conference IP1850 by just connecting it to PC via the USB port.

  • 4 detachable DECT microphones
  • Full Duplex hands free function
  • PC mode
  • 3 softkeys
  • 4-way navigation key

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